Kherlian Kung Fu | Chiang Mai, Thailand


It all started when...

Kherliang Kung Fu was created by Master Joe Kherliang, whose family and Kung Fu roots come from Tibet, Mongolia and China. Joe was born at the Thai-Burmese border and migrated to Thailand with his family, who had to run from China during the Chinese Revolution. Master Joe started studying and practicing Kung Fu at the age of six and received teachings from his senior relatives on both his father’s and mother’s side. The Kung Fu he was taught, the Ké piang (Kherliang) style, is a family style that was passed on from generation to generation for over the years, starting with Master Santer, a famous martial arts practitioner.



Through the use of tensions training and sensitivity, Kherliang practitioners practice to strike key target areas from multiple distances. They learn to maintain distance and control tempo in order to decide when to attack and to gauge the level of threat. Indirect attacks and use of angles is also emphasized.


Blocking in Kherliang typically requires solid distance, but an emphasis on proper bone structure and form are also given. Attempting to move your opponent of baalnce with effective blocking is also emphasized.


Distance and distance control is the most important aspect of Kherliang. It provides safety when available in the street and allows one to both attack and defend with effect. The basic stance is developed throgh horse stance and then modified - this is to teach balance and control while moving in all directions.

Blade Basics

When a blade is involved, proecting youself is paramount. Proper distance, control and the striking of target aeas are the key to surviving such an encounter.