Personalized Classes:

Women's Self Defense:

Being a woman can be tough. Having an imbalance in physical power can leave women vulnerable to dangerous – or even deadly – situations. It is also all too common for women to have our ability to act as confident equals in our daily relationships undermined by this sense of physical inequality. AJKDS’s Self Defense and Anti-Rape course teaches women the skills needed to be more than a match for any attacker, and these skills go beyond basic safety to empower our students to take on the world with confidence.

As with all AJKDS classes, our Women’s Self Defense course is about learning martial arts that have maximum effectiveness in the real world, and that goes beyond the motions to build the strength at the core of each fighter. This is a serious defense class, with the strong and efficient street fighting moves needed to take out any threat. That being said, our low student to teacher ratio allows us to work with a wide range of ability and experience levels.

Private Lessons:

Our head instructor, Damon Evans, is a fathe with over 20 years of experience in the arts of fighting for both the street and the ring. He has trained with martial arts masters of various styles across the world and exchanged both friendship and knowledge with countless military, police and high risk situation personnel.  He has also had fighters go on to win belts in both MMA and Muay Thai.

Martial Arts Proficiency includes:  Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, Muy Thai / Muy Chia, Western Boxing, Filipino Kali, Silat, R.A.T. System, Savate, Street Applicable Ground Fighting

Notable Fight Lineages:

  • Certified by Paul Vunak (Of PFS and Dan Insanto)

  • Upcoming Certification by Taky Kimura (#1 Student of Bruce Lee).

  • Learned from Ip Ching's head student Albert Chan (of Ip Man).

  • Learned/exchanged at Muy Sangha in Thailand. Southern Thia Style.

  • Student of rare family style of Tibetan Kung Fu (Kherliang Kung Fu)