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Phase 1

Phase 1 Playlist

Phase 1 Lessons:

+ A: The Salute

The Salute is what we do at the beginning and the end of every class. It represents the duality of life, the Yin and Yang, The Warrior and Scholar.
Watch the Video

alt text

+ B: History

Sijo Bruce Lee grew beyond his foundational teachings of Wing Chun and began calling this new “style” Jun Fan Gung Fu. Jun Fan being Bruce’s native name. Jun Fan Gung Fu is often referred to as “Modified Wing Chun” [1964 - 1967]

Jeet Kune Do or Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do is another step in Bruce’s progression. It revolves around the core arts of Wing Chun, Boxing & Fencing. It pulls techniques from many other styles such as savate wrestling and jiu-jitsu. For this reason many refer to Bruce Lee as one of the grandfathers of MMA. [1967+]

In 1980 the idea of “Conceptual J.K.D.” appeared. This came when the art began adding pieces from many more styles such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Filipino Kali, & Silat. Simply putting it: Since many wanted to retain some of what Bruce was originally teaching, while others saw continued evolution as the ultimate lesson and goal, the name split appeared.

Here is a nice documetary, though you should really read the Tao of Jeet Kune Do which he wrote.

+ C: Philosophy

Jeet Kune Do: The Way of the Intercepting Fist

There is too much to cover in one sitting. Remmeber the following points, then begin to read and consume as much information as you can.

  • Core arts of Jun Fan J.K.D: *
    • 60% Wing Chun
    • 20% Western Sword Fencing
    • 20% Western Boxing
  • The Jun Fan (Bruce Lee) System –The mental*
    • Sticking to the nucleus
    • Liberation from the nucleus
    • Returning to original freedom
  • The three stages of development – The physical*
    • Emptiness
    • Partiality
    • Fluidity
    • Emptiness

+ D: Motto and Creed

  • J.K.D. motto: Using no way as way, having no limitation as limitation.
  • J.K.D. creed: Absorb what’s useful, discard what’s useless, add what is essentially your own.

+ E: Principles

  • Simplicity – Daily minimize instead of daily increase/The sculptor analogy
  • Effectiveness – No Passive defense: we are offensive (Example, Jom Sao, Sliding leverage)
  • Economy of motion –Controlling all muscle contractions, and tension during the execution of all movement.

+ F: Foundation & Si Lim Tau

Understanding proper structure for your body and movements is key to understanding the basis of many of the techniques that we practice. A grasp of the concept of centerline should be emphasized.

"Siu Nim Tao / Si Lim Tau / Si Lim Tow" can be used as a form of moving and breathing meditation. In addition, it increases student concentration and focus. The form is also used extensively to develop proper structure, muscle memory & forward energy in Wing Chun practitioners.

Watch Niko do a set of Si Lim Tau here

5 & 7 star conditioning drills

+ G/H: Base Shifting and Stance

alt text

Proper shifting in Wing Chun requires the hips and the feet because it’s what generates the force behind our strikes and blocks. Base shifting allows you to keep your balance and generate power while removing yourself from your opponents attacking line.

To be able to correctly base shift, you must understand your basic stances as well... all of this is fairly complex and is best summed up in a video:

Watch the video on stances here

alt text

+ I: Footwork

+ J & K: Defensive/Offensive Kicking Mechanics

+ L: Hand Tools

Fist Conditioning

+ M: Punching Mechanics

+ N: Finger Jab

+ O: Sliding Leverage

alt text

Drill to Practice Lessons L-O

+ R: Self Chi-Sao (Whirpool Energy)


Youtube Playlists (Seminars and Instruction)

Class Basics Playlist

Muay Chaiya Playlist

Applied Eskrima Playlist

Phase 1