Woman's Self Defense


Being a woman can be tough. Having an imbalance in physical power can leave women vulnerable to dangerous – or even deadly – situations. It is also all too common for women to have our ability to act as confident equals in our daily relationships undermined by this sense of physical inequality. AJKDS’s Self Defense and Anti-Rape course teaches women the skills needed to be more than a match for any attacker, and these skills go beyond basic safety to empower our students to take on the world with confidence.


As with all AJKDS classes, our Women’s Self Defense course is about learning martial arts that have maximum effectiveness in the real world, and that goes beyond the motions to build the strength at the core of each fighter. This is a serious defense class, with the strong and efficient street fighting moves needed to take out any threat. That being said, our low student to teacher ratio allows us to work with a wide range of ability and experience levels.

This course is an insurance policy to keep women safe against the real possibility of future dangers.  But it’s more than that, too. Our philosophy  focuses on the inner development of each fighter.  Participants enter into a community of people who share the values of respect, discipline, and confident independence. As confidence with martial arts skills increase, participants view themselves with a new level of self respect and admiration. When women who have taken this course walk into a room or step out onto the street, they can feel capable and powerful – because that’s exactly what they are!

Women from this self defense course have gone on to attend our more advanced combat classes.

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For detailed information, you are welcome to call us at 707.762.0111 or even better, come on down to the gym and check it out in person. We are located at 224 Weller Street, Ste B, Petaluma, California 94952. See you there!