Youth Classes (7-12)

Two Week Introductory Special Only $35

  • Praying Mantises:   8-11 Years Old

  • Black Dragons:        12-15 Years Old

Having your child participate in the martial arts can be one of the best decisions in their development. Martial arts have tremendous potential to improve the mental and physical health of children as they grow. Once you decide you’d like to place your child in a martial arts class, there are a lot of options out there. It is very important to choose carefully, so that the child’s experience is a positive one.

Many schools employ a system based on motivating students to conquer and control through aggressive actions. Unfortunately, this approach substitutes competitive aggression for the intended goal of true martial arts: to obtain peace with ourselves and others.

At The Academy of Jeet Kune Do Sciences, we preach that violence is the absolute last resort for any situation. The life skills our spirited instructors teach will improve not only their quality of life, but also give them a sense of internal peace and strong self confidence. Your child will learn to diffuse a situation using their words first, not their fists.  Above all we value self discipline, self confidence, respect, individuality and creative freedom. These values are at the heart of Jeet Kune Do.

Our classes are much more than just a set of drills. We get to know each child and love watching them develop into strong and respectful young men and women. Children at AJKDS become friends with their classmates, and our instructors know the students by name. While there’s no obligation to do so, it’s not unusual to  chat before or after class with an instructor to talk about your child’s progress, and to get to know the parents of the other kids in your child’s class. Our gym is set up with a viewing area for parents who choose to stay and watch their child.


Teen Classes (12-17)

Black Dragons:   12-15 Years Old

We give our teen class the same intensive treatment as our adults. After a handful of months our teens can defend themselves in a vast variety of scenarios ranging from a bully to a full assault. They will learn wrestling, Muay Thai, Judo skills and more in the process of turning them into a well rounded and knowledgeable martial artist.